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At SKAI LABS, a provider of air traffic management solutions, we understand the ever-increasing complexity of modern airspace and the challenges it poses for efficient and safe air travel. Our expertise lies in developing innovative technologies and algorithms that enable optimized route planning and airspace utilization. By leveraging advanced machine learning and data analytics, we empower air traffic controllers and airlines to maximize the capacity of their airspace while minimizing congestion and delays.


Our comprehensive suite of solutions ensures seamless coordination between aircraft, airports, and air traffic control centers, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and improved overall safety. Trust SKAI LABS to revolutionize air traffic management and pave the way for a more streamlined and sustainable aviation industry.

Air Traffic Complexity Dashboard

The Air Traffic Complexity Dashboard is designed to empower aviation professionals with real-time insights and comprehensive analytics for managing air traffic complexity. In today's fast-paced and increasingly congested skies, it has become vital to have a robust tool that provides a holistic view of the air traffic landscape, enabling more efficient and effective decision-making.

With the Air Traffic Complexity Dashboard, aviation authorities, airline operators, and airspace managers gain unparalleled visibility into the dynamic nature of air traffic. The dashboard combines advanced data processing algorithms with intuitive visualizations, offering a user-friendly interface that simplifies complex information and highlights critical patterns and trends.

Air Traffic Complexity Dashboard
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Airspace and Traffic Optimization

Our airspace and traffic optimization addon to the complexity detection dashboard leverages STAM validated by ATCOs to significantly increase airspace capacity and optimize traffic flow.

By implementing STAM measures and utilizing ATCO-validated complexity cherry-picking techniques, our product empowers aviation professionals to proactively manage airspace complexity and enhance operational efficiency and increase the airspace capacity throughput.

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The Air Traffic Randomizer is an innovative product designed to provide users with the ability to generate diverse air traffic scenarios based on their complexity preferences. As aviation professionals, understanding and adapting to different traffic situations is crucial for effective decision-making and preparedness.

Based on reverse-engineered complexity, users can input their desired level of complexity, and the Air Traffic Randomizer generates a range of realistic air traffic scenarios accordingly. Whether you need to simulate high-traffic density, adverse weather conditions, or specific airspace constraints, our randomizer delivers tailored scenarios to suit your needs.

Traffic Randomizer
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Our Research Support is backed by a reputable and esteemed University of Zagreb Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, known for its long-standing commitment to academic excellence and cutting-edge innovation. We are proud to offer comprehensive assistance, enabling out-of-the-box innovations and solutions for the users.

Our team has experience in innovations through gained patents, collaborated Horizon research projects, SESAR calls and vast published scientific articles that are solving problems in the field of air traffic management, automatization and AI. 

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